Repair Dry Damaged Hair

 It is surprising that damaged follicles can take some time to fix. There are some quick and easy ways for you to do this at home, though. This article will outline a few easy steps you are able to take to increase your hair regrowth and prevent hair thinning.  Signs that your hair is damaged  You may experience a number of symptoms that indicate that your hair roots are damaged or in need of hair care. These include:  Hair Thinner:  Hair thinned can make hair follicles less strong, which can lead to hair breakage later.  Scalp Issues  If you're facing issues like dandruff in hair, dry head, or too much oil on hair follicles, then it means that the health of your hair is not good but sensitive.  Infections  Hair growth and hair follicles can be damaged by fewer hair infections.  Itchy Scalp:  Scaling your scalp could be a sign that you have damaged hair follicles. This can cause itchy scalp. Dandruff:  Dry skin could indicate a dandruff issue. Dandruff means that your hair follicle